Invitation to participate in the Youth CAN program of Proudly youth

“When ALL the people of South Africa truly love and care about one another, then the strong will not overpower the weak, the many will not oppress the few, the wealthy will not steal from the poor, and greed will be overcome by gratitude through the power of love and the giving of charity” - (Farrel Shalkoff)

Our mission of proudly youth is, to have a “Youth CAN” on the desks of every employee and on the desk of our 12 million students and youth of our country. By you giving a “Youth CAN ” to our children and youth, YOU will lead our nation into a habit of giving which enables us ALL to receive. As you know, the more one gives, the more one receives to give, and through our Youth CAN program, everyone will give a little and together we will receive BILLIONS of blessings

A summary of our patented, copy written and trademarked child and youth program is as follows:

Individuals and companies purchase youth CAN’s for themselves, their staff and the children of schools who are unable to afford a “Youth CAN”

  • Every individual who buys or receives a “Youth CAN” Fills in a simple application form and receives a “Youth CAN.”
  • They Collect charity in their “Youth CAN” and give the charity collected to their school/company at the end of every month.
  • The School/company will deposit money into the Proudly youth trust account.
  • Through a partnership with the one club group, houses and classrooms will be built by the youth, using green building material and alternative energy thereby,
  • The second part of the project is people will collect cans, either used or unused and deliver these to the nearest participating school in the area , these schools will then build objects out of the cans which will be placed on display at the various schools, the displays will then be judged and prizes awarded in the various categories, after this the cans will then be separated and those that have food inside will be delivered to needy organisations and those empty cans and bottles will be recycled and funds donated selected organisations through proudly youth
  • Creating much needed jobs for the youth
Our Target is to collect and build objects making use of 10million CAN’s within 90 days, thank you for helping us achieve our target

No matter how far your love of giving travels and how many people put money into that child’s Youth CAN, all the love and gratitude comes back to YOU. I would like to leave you with a thought from Mahatma Gandhi "We need to be the change we wish to see in the world"…… I am certain you agree!!  It’s really easy to participate, as you will agree there are millions of unemployed youth, this program is the catalyst to a self funding and job creating program for these youth, all we need is your support which we have requested, we will do the rest. The recycling opportunities as well as doing acts of goodness and kindness through charity cans from this project are endless