“The One” was written essentially as a tribute to all victims of violent relationships and was created solely to facilitate education and awareness of how societal and institutional laws perpetuate the dismal statistics associated with abuse throughout the world.  The prevalence of abuse permeates every single neighborhood internationally: “The One” eliminates that common protective compulsion to believe that things like abuse only happen to ‘those’ people. Based on her personal life journey through child abuse and then, domestic abuse and encouraged by the unwavering support of her South African husband, Dr. Dawn Summer takes her followers on the constant up, down, twist and turn roller coaster ride that is life.  

Armed only with her undying faith in G-d’s love, the author exposes how people were divinely positioned throughout her life as vessels of hope and light that perpetuated her deep sense of perseverance and devotion; from her beloved Bubbe and Zeyde, her children, and her sorority sister the testimony of Dr. Dawn Summer proves that inspiration occurs in the most unexpected of people, places and things.

ONE WOMAN and HER HUSBAND helping you to rid THE WORLD OF "abuse" ONE survivor at a time! Through her best selling book "THE ONE", Dr. Dawn Summer invites you to feel the power of this amazing story based on her personal real life story.

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