The one club group limited and its subsidiaries, current and future is the brainchild of an entrepreneur who together with his partners, with over 120 years of business experience, and a passion for ALL the youth have committed their time to coach the youth and together build a company built on sound business and Godly principles, values and morals , proactively and positively engaging the youth to build a company for the youth by the youth and to benefit everyone, and at the same time moving away from greed and embracing gratitude.


The one club group LTD is a publicly unlisted entity that was formed by businessman who have a dream and a vision, united with the joint dream and vision of a group of aspiring entrepreneurs, Purpose driven for the youth by the youth and benefiting everyone, the youth have inspiration, desire, passion and commitment together with an increasing frustration, The one club group Ltd is a home for all youth to Invest in, an investment through the purchase of charity boxes and thereafter through their dedication to themselves and each other, to build up the number of shareholders, to share in the benefits equally and to embark on a drive to provide all youth with the opportunity to earn a living to be employed, to start a business and to employ other youth, to positively and pro-actively change our lives and the lives of millions of others

Registered as a public unlisted company, the one club group  LTD is an equal opportunity business, Inviting everyone to invest in and become shareholders of the group and at the same time making its expertise and its products available to all shareholders. It also invites individuals and companies to sponsor individuals or groups of youth that cannot financially afford to invest as shareholders themselves.

The business through its subsidiaries and joint ventures and projects will be offering a range of services and products ranging from investing in the holding company, advertising space, a range of clothing,  alternative electricity products and services, home building and extensions, banking and financial services, Fast Moving Consumable Goods(FMCG), to name but a few.

One of the subsidiaries called PROUDLY YOUTH has also been formed and registered non profit organisation , the   objectives of this organisation is to enable corporate, government departments, schools, SMME's and individuals to participate and belong to the company , they will have to register and pay a monthly fee to belong to such a company.


The Directors are well equipped with skills and expertise that is required to successfully grow the business to success and sustainability. The directors will embark on a recruitment process that will involve identifying and engaging competent personnel teams in all the 9 provinces, an executive team of at least 20 motivated, committed and competent individuals in each province will be appointed to complement their efforts and standardize service delivery to the selected target market.  A selection criteria will also be used to stream line this process.